Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed


If you are having a medical emergency please dial 911

Patient Portal

You can view latest lab results, view your patient historical records, as well as make appointments through the patient portal

Our Services


We take blood samples on site, and partner with Qwest Diagnostics lab in order to get speedy lab results. Those results are typically available in your patient portal within 1-2 days for most tests.


Nutrition is a key component in overall well being. We provide nutrition reccomendations as well as give presentations on regular basis.


Our clinic is well-equipped to respond quickly to many common injuries.


We handle yearly imunizations in-house, as well as stock many other vaccinations. Please contact us to find out if we can address your immediate vaccination needs.


We handle all yearly biometric screenings in accordance with the Jaynes employee wellness incentive progam.


Substance abuse screenings are handled onsite. This is a great timesaver for our employees and candidates.