Clinic History

In 2016, Jaynes embarked on partnering with our insurance group to implement an on site health clinic. Since then, the clinic has grown in capabilities, and has become a part of the Jaynes family.

In 2019, Our insurance provider has chosen to focus solely on providing insurance, leaving maintenance of the clinic up to uncertainty.

Having become a valued member of the Jaynes family, our physician, Eleanor, worked with Jaynes and the service departments in house to prvatize the clinic under her direction. The Jaynes Companies (Jaynes employees and their families) continue to be Eleanor's sole client.

Besides being the on site provider, Eleanor also gives wellness presentations during monthly breakfast meetings in our learning center, and arranges lunchtime learning opportunities with local vendors.






Meet the Doctor

Eleanor Miranda is a Native New Mexican with 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has a Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of New Mexico with a concentration in Family Practice. In 2016, she opened the Jaynes Companies Healthcare Clinic with a vision of providing optimal primary care and health promotion to Jaynes Employees and their families.

Eleanor Miranda